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Lake Ronkonkoma County Park

Lake Ronkonkoma County Park The Suffolk County park at Lake Ronkonkoma is the home of a very large playground complex as well as athletic fields, mobile pier and a non-swimming beach. 

Lake Ronkonkoma County Park

The main playset at the Lake Ronkonkoma county park is huge, with multiple levels and pavilions. There is ramp access and many climbing points to explore. Several of the pavilions feature built-in piston boxes that facinate young boys, especially.

Lake Ronkonkoma County Park

There are a number of slides on all sides of the playset. Some are quite steep and fast, others are shorter for smaller kids. As you walk around the play area, they seem to radiate in all directions -- this is a slide fan's paradise. The play surface is a soft composite with a light color that can strain the eye on a bright day, but doesn't get too hot.

Lake Ronkonkoma County Park 

The lakefront location of the playground is a very pretty setting. There are some challenging elements like these spinning monkey bars located throughout. Access to some levels can be made via a rock climb. There is plenty of seating around the play area and it is entirely fenced in. It is a large playground, so be prepared to lose sight of your kids from time to time. But, there's a locking gate at the entrance so there's little chance of actually losing anybody. 

Lake Ronkonkoma County Park

There is a separate play area intended for children under five, but it doesn't get much traffic. The big playset is so appealing that children of all ages prefer to play there. The smaller playset features easy to used levels and slides for handicapped children.  

Lake Ronkonkoma County Park 

One drawback at Lake Ronkonkoma is that there are not enough swings. The one set holds two standard swings, two toddler swings and two very nice handicapped swings (above). This is a great feature, but we often saw kids who could be using the standard swings on these due to the limited capacity. Just behind this area is a site for picnics with a lakefront view.

There are large public restrooms available and the parking lot is large and paved. It is a bit of a walk from the lot to the playground. Parking is free on weekdays, but there is a fee to park on weekends during the summer. A pavilion at the entrance to the playground is a popular spot to have a snack in the shade.

Lake Ronkonkoma County Park

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I have Bell's Palsy and enjoy your blog very much. First time I've commented, but have been reading here and there.
Great blog. I enjoy reading it every chance I get and value your opinions!

Thanks for posting, DC. Many of the newer playgrounds we review have handicapped features and we always try to make a note of them.

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