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Ridge Playground

Ridge Playground The small playground on route 25 in Ridge is nestled just off a busy road and provides a cool transportation theme to it's playspace. 

Ridge Park

There is one main playset at the Ridge Park playground. It features four slides: one covered, one corkscrew and one set of paired slides. One element of the transportation theme is this helicopter that kids can climb in and on. One note of warning: kids love this thing and may want to spend a lot of time playing inside, but it does get very hot in there on warm days. There is a nice gazebo for some shade and taking a snack break just outside the play area.

Ridge Park Playground

There are two main levels on the playset, one that leads to all the slides and another that is the base for the climbing and monkey bars. The set is fairly new and in very good shape. The play surface is a green rubber mulch that is almost as fun to walk on as any of the play equipment.

Ridge Park Playground

This little car is another element of the transportation theme. It has a seating capacity for four, but only one kid at a time can work the coveted steering wheel.

Ridge Park Playground 

There is one swingset, with two standard and two toddler swings. The Ridge Park playground is a great place to stop for lunch with your kids. There are multiple food choices in the immediate area, mostly fast food but a few delis and a supermarket if you're looking for something healthier. The parking lot at Ridge Park is paved and has a decent capacity. There are no public restrooms.

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