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Venetian Shores Sprayground

Venetian Shores Sprayground The Venetian Shores Sprayground in Lindenhurst is a waterfront oasis of fun for those hot summer days. 

Venetian Shores Sprayground

The sprayground at the Venetian Shores park is located on a bayfront beach in Lindenhurst. It is free to residents, but for $15 anyone can park there and use the facilities. That may seem a bit steep, but for an amusement park-level sprayground, it's well worth the cost.

Venetian Shores Sprayground 

The extensive sprayground is highlighted with some whimsical touches, like this giant octopus that sprays water in all directions. The play surface here is a soft composite that grips really well. Still, water shoes are recommended. The park can get pretty crowded, but there is plenty of room for everyone.

Venetian Shores Sprayground 

The waterfront location makes Venetian Shores even more scenic than most spraygrounds. After playing in the falling water here, you can walk over to the beach and take a dip in the Great South Bay. There is a snack bar and restaurant here, as well as large public restrooms. Seating is available around the edge of the sprayground, but good luck getting a seat. Even on a weekday afternoon, it seems most chairs are staked out first thing in the morning and not relinquished until the park closes.  

Venetian Shores Sprayground 

We did spot a few people that brought their own chairs, and there's enough room to set yourself up. The whole area is fenced in so you can let your kids wander. There is a small playground next to the water park, in case you need a break from all that wet fun. That area also has a pavilion with picnic tables.

The Venetian Shores Sprayground

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There's alot of plces to park in the neighborhood too, if you dont mind walking.

Are you allowed to park on the streets and then walk in for free? Also, do you know what time they charge until for parking?

Mary - I believe you can park on the streets and walk in, but you will be parking in front of someone's house, so it depends on your comfort level. There are some areas where parking on the street is expressly prohibited. I think the charge stops after the sprayground closes at five or six -- the restaurant there stays open longer.

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