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Nassau Firefighter's Museum

Nassau Firefighters Museum The Nassau County Firefighters Museum is located on Museum Row in Garden City, at the Reckson Center. Inside, you'll find exhibits featuring vintage firefighting equipment and safety tips .

Nassau Firefighters Museum
The center of the museum is marked by three classic firetrucks from the turn of the twentieth century. Two of them are of the horse-drawn variety, with buckets hanging along the length of the truck. They have been gathered from local fire departments and still have the markings from nearby townships.

Nassau Firefighters Museum
The motorized engine is from the Inwood fire department and is open for children to climb behind the wheel. From inside the cockpit, kids can get a great view of all the pipes and valves that powered early firefighting equipment. Volunteers who take tickets for the museum are nearby and always happy to answer questions.

Nassau Firefighters Museum
Various uniforms from throughout the years are on display, and there's an area with kid-sized uniforms and hats that children can get dressed up in. Kids decked out in their fire gear and perched on top of the firetruck offer a great photo opportunity.

Nassau Firefighters Museum
A number of interactive displays teach fire safety, like this crawlway that demonstrates how low you need to get to escape a fire safely. The smoke lights up and makes noise when the crawler lets their head get too high. There is also a display of how a fire hydrant works and of some of the rescue equipment that firefighters use to get people out of burning homes.

The Francis X. Pendl Nassau County Firefighters Museum is open daily Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. During the summer, it is open seven days a week. Admission is $4.00 for adults and $3.50 for children. It's not a very large museum, and probably won't hold your kids attention for more than an hour unless they're really into firefighters. As a diversion from the airplanes at the Cradle of Aviation, it's a good bet. The museum shares facilities with the Cradle like public restrooms and the Red Planet Cafe. Parking is in a large and well-marked lot, but it can fill up on rainy days or when there's a popular movie being shown at the IMAX theater.

The Francis X. Pendl Nassau County Firefighters Museum

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