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Nesconset Athletic Fields Playground

Nesconset Playground Hidden away behind a construction zone, the brand new playground at the Nesconset Athletic Fields shows some great promise.

Nesconset Playground
The main playset at Nesconset has a global theme, with a spinning wheel that combines silhouettes of animals from different continents and greetings in many different languages. For kids who speak the international language of fun, there are four slides: two curved, one corkscrew and one steep straight slide. There are also built-in drums and a few straight climbs to get up onto the three different levels that the slides descend from.

Nesconset Playground
There is only one swingset, with two toddler and two standard swings. They are in great shape, with coated chains, no-pinch handles and a level landing area. There are benches all around the play area, but no shade at all. This playground can get a little rough on a hot day.

Nesconset Playground
A truly inspired element on the Nesconset playground is the half climbing wall that has been placed on the ground on its side. It creates a fun cave that kids can climb over or through. A note about the location: right now the athletic field complex sits behind an abandoned supermarket. It can feel a little creepy and isolated, and also draws a lot of teenagers with skateboards. The town is currently working to build a new library on the site, and have already made some great improvements with the new playground and very nice athletic fields. There is also a large park with a gazebo just down the hill that family events are held at. This will clearly be a great destination, but it's still a work in progress.

Nesconset Playground
A smaller playset for the little ones features some very short stairs and a small slide. The garden theme of the set is very cute, and the open design makes it easy to keep an eye on little ones from anywhere on the playground. The whole area is fenced in, with a gate to access the parking lot. There are public restrooms just outside of the playground, but they were closed during our visit -- most likely intended for use when the athletic fields are hosting events.

Nesconset Playground
This four-person rocker has a space-age design to it and was a big hit during our visit. It's not quite the long-lost see saw, but kids can get a good ride on it and the handlebars give it an amusement park feel.

Nesconset Playground
The play surface at Nesconset is a super springy rubber mulch. It almost feels like walking in a bounce house. This is due, of course, to the fact that it's brand new -- so get over there while the ground is still an attraction! The slides feature grooves at the bottom to prevent water from pooling.

The playground at the Nesconset Athletic Fields is located right off of Smithtown Boulevard and has a huge paved parking lot that is well-marked. Its current status behind a boarded up building makes it a popular hangout for older kids, but they usually don't have much interest in loitering in a playground area with adults and small children.

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