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Grant Park

Grant Park Grant Park in Hewlett is the home of a three-section playground, skating rink and a small sprayground on a waterfront location.

Grant Park
Grant Park is located right on the shore of Grant Pond, just south of Broadway in Hewlett. There is a mid-sized parking lot that is paved and well-marked. The park itself is downhill from the parking area, a bit of a walk and can be a little steep when pushing a stroller back to the car.

Grant Park
The playground is divided into three main sections: one for the bigger kids, one for the smaller kids and a third area with toddler swings and a nice picnic area. All of the play areas are fenced in, and access to the water can only be made from the path that leads down from the parking area. The small child play area features four structures; a covered slide, climbing area, a standalone corkscrew slide and this wooden slide platform. Grant Park has a mix of old and newer play equipment, and some of the older sets are starting to show their age.

Grant Park
Between the smaller kids playsets and the toddler swings, there is a large area with picnic tables overlooking the lake. This is a very nice spot for lunch or a snack, and parents can set up camp here while keeping an eye on kids who want to explore the playground. The area is ringed by a number of sandboxes as well. If it's especially hot, there is also a gazebo with benches to take cover from the sun.

Grant Park
The swings at Grant Park have bare chains, but are in good condition otherwise. There is one bank of toddler swings and one bank of standard swings, for a total of eight. The play surface at Grant Park is black padded tiles, good for cushion but bad for bare feet. The nearby spray area has a single spray head on a large concrete pad, so water shoes are recommended.

Grant Park
The bigger kid play area features two main playsets. One is strictly for climbing, with a number of wire ladders and monkey bars. The second set has a pair of fast slides in bright orange colors that descend from multi-level platforms.

Grant Park
This relic of a slide, a standalone sheet metal corkscrew, may be old but gives a heck of a ride. This could be the fastest slide on Long Island, sending unwitting kids tumbling down at great speed. Younger kids may be a bit intimidated, but older kids will have a ball (as long as the sun isn't making it feel like a long and twisting skillet).

Grant Park is also the home of a large skating rink. Roller blading is permitted in the summer, and the ice takes over in the colder months, generally from December through mid March (see the official site for specific dates). Skate rental is available, and there are large locker rooms and public restrooms onsite. There are three two-hour skating sessions per day, with an additional night session on Fridays. Grant Park is also the home of three basketball courts, four tennis courts, four handball courts, three baseball fields and a soccer field. Fishing is allowed on Grant Pond.

Grant Park

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