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Fun 4 All

Fun 4 All Fun 4 All indoor playground and party center in Port Jefferson is a great spot to take kids on a rainy or cold day when being cooped up at home just isn't an option.

Fun 4 All
Fun 4 All is located just south of the railroad tracks off of route 112 in Port Jeff Station. As a party center, it has a large capacity and therefore plenty of parking in its paved and well-marked lot. The walk from your car to the play area is a short one, although the parking lot can get pretty busy. Once inside, there are convenient locker areas to hang up coats before setting out to play.

Fun 4 All
The centerpiece of the play area is this huge five-level trampoline. Each level has an open hatchway to climb up to the next level, and there are slides descending from each of them. This equipment is really intended for older kids, so the entrance is a ladder climb that young children would not be able to navigate by themselves. You can, however, easily put a smaller kid on the roller slide and hold their hand as they ride down. The rope pathways in and out of the tower, as well as the trampoline floors themselves, are sturdy enough for adults to follow kids through while they explore.

Fun 4 All
A few of the covered slides lead into these spaceship-like pods where kids can hide and choose another set of covered slides to get down to ground level. The whole area at Fun 4 All is well-designed and the themes are executed very well. The huge wall murals add a whimsical touch and other details, like a boat-shaped playset that is "docked" onto a video game platform, set Fun 4 All apart from other indoor play spaces.

Fun 4 All
Another fine example is the moon room. Again, the murals are very well done and the idea is a good one. A large pit of rubber mulch gives the floor a bouncy, weightless feeling, and there are trucks all around to simulate a sandbox. Large windows let parents keep an eye on kids in this area while others explore the playsets.

Fun 4 All
There are a number of anchored rockers and coin-operated rides through the area. Rides and games require tokens, which can be purchased at machines located around the play area. Tokens are 25 cents each, although everything here requires at least two of them. The play surface at Fun 4 All is carpeted, with soft cushioning underneath. There were quite a few spots where the carpet either had rolls or was coming apart, presenting a tripping hazard. It is, however, soft enough to cushion any fall.

Fun 4 All
There is a large toddler playset in a separate area, with short slides and a number of turns for little ones to explore. During our visit, the kids were mostly preschoolers and yet this area didn't get a lot of play. The rest of Fun 4 All is just too much of an attraction for this small area to hold the attention of any but the littlest kids. Overlooking this area is a special party rooom for private functions. There are a number of other rooms for parties throughout the facility of varying sizes.

Fun 4 All
Fun 4 All features a number of inflatable bouncers. Most are intended for kids over 42", so they only operate after school hours (generally starting at 4:00 p.m. on weekdays). The toddler bouncer is open all the time, and there is no additional fee. The larger bouncers require the purchase of an additional wristband (for $2.99).

Fun 4 All
The Carousel Cafe is located near the entrance to Fun 4 All, and serves up your typical kiddie fare -- pizza, hot dogs, french fries and a decent beverage selection. So, if you wind up staying longer than you anticipated and need a snack, they have you covered. The restrooms are also in this area, and they are well-designed to parental purposes. Rather than men's and women's rooms, there are private bathrooms that are a good size. One has a child-sized toilet, and another has a diaper changing station.

Fun 4 All is open every day, except major holidays. The hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Admission for children is $8.99, kids under the age of two are $4.49. Wristbands to use the inflatables are an additional $2.99, and kids must be over 42 inches to play on them. Parents pay no charge.

Fun 4 All

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I don't think they're in Pt. Jeff anymore.

Their website is down, if they are closed we'll post an update shortly. Thanks for the tip!

They are, in fact, still open. It seems that their website is longer working, so the link has been removed.

My kids 3 & 7 had a blast! The pricing has changed to $13. for all but includes the bounce houses. What a great alternative on a hot day.

My girl-friend just found this web-site. Try it:

That one works! Thanks for posting, Mariellen.

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